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 Mcnpro Box official version 3.1.9 Released

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PostSubject: Mcnpro Box official version 3.1.9 Released   Sun Oct 16, 2011 11:14 am

What's new for version 3.1.9 ? New! Hot!

  • MTK 6252 / 6151 / 6236 / 6516 read/write bugs fixed
  • MTK New flash ICs added
  • SPD Nand flash write bugs fixed
  • Infineon 7880 detection & write bugs fixed
  • Infineon 7890 / 7900 CPU added
  • Mcnpro box Firmware version upgrade to V1.15
    Welcome to use McnBox!
    Selected COM5
    Baud setting ...
    Set Baud done
    Initialize in progress ...
    Checking data ...
    Serial No. MCN2011xxxxxxxx
    Firmware V1.15
    Checksum 72DA-42BB
    Box Connected!
    Ready working at COM5
  • Other small report bugs fixed

Upgrading from Previous Versions:

  • Version
    of 3.1.9 request install Suite version 2.0.9 at first, so we are
    recommend all customers running prior versions upgrade to last version
    be more stability! As usual, new version is available for all customers
    with valid, To download that from support section

More info check at here !!!

Best regards !

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Mcnpro Box official version 3.1.9 Released
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